What we
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Our staff review the most cost effective, patient-centric approach for the emergency situation and are able to execute solutions based on our industry relationships. We provide optimum customer service to our customers, cost containment for our business partners, and brand protection for all parties involved.


Our Customer Service Coordinators, Registered Nurses, and Physicians are available 24/7/365. Clients receive immediate access to medical assistance specialists anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Our Case Coordinators will help clients find a local medical facility, arrange for a doctor to see them, and may even organize for direct payment of medical bills.

Cost Containment

The primary strategy ACM employs for cost containment is to be involved early on in the assistance phase with the delivery of medical treatment. We can then monitor the clinical pathways of treatment for appropriate care and determine the most cost effective patient centric approach.

Advanced bill scrubbing for medical appropriateness and coding accuracy mitigates excessive charges and enhances cost containment for our clients.

Brand Management

ACM understands that we are an extension of our partners. It’s About People and treating customers as one of our family members ensures a positive client experience through even the most unfortunate of circumstances.

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